Crafting, Interface and Interaction Patch Goes Live!

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Over the years, Xsyon's primary audience has switched from players familiar with the MMOs of the past to a newer audience accustomed to the sandbox survival games of the present.

Accordingly, I am working on revising the interface and basic actions to accommodate and be more welcoming to new players. Most interface revisions will be optional and customizable to adapt to new player but keep things as is for veteran players of the game.

Today's patch is the first in a series that will continue to include improvements based on player suggestions. This patch includes a new crafting panel, improvements to selection and interaction and many minor revisions requested by players.

Full Patch Notes are available.

To report problems with this patch or provide suggestions for upcoming patches, please join us on the Developer Zone.


Updated 07-26-2021 at 05:52 PM by XsyonMaster