Developer Update 2021.07.13

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

We are currently testing a few upcoming changes on the Test Server:

1) Improved Crafting. I've further revised the new Crafting Panel and added the Workshop feature. You can assign a building a a Workshop and by standing within the bounds of a Workshop, all tools and materials in that building are available to you through the Crafting Panel.

2) Improved Scavenging. I'm testing out a new scavenging system that displays icons for several available scavenged items as you traverse the world. The player can choose to grab the items or ignore them. This eliminates the need for active scavenging and should make scavenging less random and cumbersome.

These are just a few steps while I continue to improve Xsyon with the current goal of making the interface and basic actions simpler and more welcoming for new players.

Feedback sessions for these and other upcoming improvements are posted in the Developer Zone.

Come join us there!
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