Workshop, Crafting, Scavenging and Foraging Update Now Live!

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Continuing with improvements meant to simplify game systems and make them more appealing and engaging, Xsyon's latest patch is live!

This patch features the Workshop building use. Buildings assigned as Workshops serve as crafting stations. When standing within the bounds of a Workshop, all tools and materials in that building are automatically available in the crafting panel. No more need to sort through baskets of items to fill recipes.

Scavenging and Foraging have also been revised. Rather than search, retrieve a random item and move on, several items are automatically available as the player moves across the terrain. The player can these choose what to pick up or not.

Full patch notes describing these and other new features have already been posted here

Note: I typically like to wait a few days after a patch to make a wider announcement in case there are bugs that need quick fixes.

More improvements on the way!