Patch Notes 2021.08.09

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Hall of Heroes & Hall of Legends Patch

- Hall of Heroes & Hall of Legends
-- Two new building uses are available (for tents, teepees, etc. like other building uses), the Hall of Heroes and Hall of Legends.
-- The Hall of Heroes displays the top 22 players in 16 different categories whose tribe is within 1000 meters of the current tribe.
-- The Hall of Legends displays the top 22 players in 16 different categories in the entire world of Xsyon.
-- Hero categories are: Most Experience, Most Active (time in game), Wealthiest, Most Buildings, Top Warriors, Top Crafters, Top Gatherers, Most Kills, Highest Strength, Fortitude, Agility, Dexterity, Intelligence, Perception, Charm and Spirit.

- Resources
-- Base resources (grass, rock, etc.) appear only in base Resource gathering mode. In Scavenge and Forage mode only scavenged and foraged items appear. This will give you more items to select from especially on scrap piles.
-- Bundles (grass, twigs, etc.) except for logs can be placed inside packs and pouches.
-- Gathering bundle items when your bundle slot is full now go to your packs.
-- Resource gathering mode uses a new icon instead of the grass icon to avoid confusion.
-- Bundled resources (grass, twigs, etc.) now stack up to 32 instead of 4.
-- Non bundle basic resources (rocks etc.) now stack to 100
-- Weights for basic resources reduced.
-- Timer bar for gathering grass removed.
-- Gathering animations shortened.
-- Full bundles in the world filled to the new max capacity.

- Crafting
-- Hammer and Mallet separated in schemes.
-- Grass rope skill required reduced to 10 instead of 15.

- Miscellaneous
-- Hot key for mount and dismount.
-- Turn commands put back and can be set through the Keybind panel.
-- Starter pack increased from 20 to 30 slots.
-- Equip action on armor in your packs.

- Bug Fixes
-- Fixed issue causing item loss during scavenging with full inventories.
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