Developer Update 2021.08.30

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

This is just a quick note to let you all know that the next round of testing new features and improvements will be coming after a few weeks.

Currently my town is under evacuation warning due to the Caldor Fire in California and it's going to be a chaotic situation for at least a week or two. (I already started packing things a few days ago in anticipation of this).

Thank you all for your patience!
Developer Updates


  1. DjangoSilard's Avatar
    Best of luck. Hope that you, your family, friends, neighbours and yours properties will stay safe from fire.
  2. Bejaymac's Avatar
    Forget about any updates Jordi, just get you and your family some place safe.
  3. Wyry's Avatar
    Thank you very much that you took the time to let us know. Don't worry about the game, Jordi. Real life has priority, and saving your life and the life of your family has even more priority. I keep my fingers crossed for you that everything ends well for you.
  4. Diomedes's Avatar
    Best of Luck Jordi! Safe wishes for you and your family!

    Updates can wait, be safe!!