Developer Update 2021.09.17

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

I will be returning home this weekend. Everything is fine and the nearby fires did get within a few miles of home but were thankfully controlled. Hopefully no critters invaded the house while we were away. It will take me a few days to get the house back in order but I'm very grateful and will be glad to be back home!

Back to Xsyon, here is what is in the works:

DirectX: I've spent the past few weeks continuing work on upgrading DirectX. I've made some progress but this is a massive task as DirectX 11 / 12 is very different than DirectX 9. I'll continue working on this upgrade a few days per week but once I'm back home I plan to switch back to other features.

Terrain expansion: Thanks to volunteer players who've helped clean up the terrain a large part of the world beyond the mist is nearly ready for testing. I need to divide the outer world into proper regions. Once that's done the terrain will be ready for final tests.

Interface / Interaction: I will continue revising the interface and simplifying some basic actions. When I am done there will options so that players can play entirely in Passive mode (without having to switch to combat mode), entirely in Active / Combat mode or switch back and forth as players typically do now. I also plan to set up an optional radial menu as is popular in many current sandbox games.

As part of the interface revisions I will be adding a more prominent list of Quests / Goals and will include some automatically generated Quests to guide new players.

Additional Features: I will also be going through features and changes that I began work on over the years but put aside (like the recently added Hall of Heroes / Legends). My goal here is to finish up and add any features that just need a bit more work to wrap up.

That's all for now!
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  1. Wyry's Avatar
    Welcome back! I am happy that you are well and healthy and still have your home.

    And of course, as a player, I am looking forward to the new regions :D :D But take your time, making your home a home again has priority.
  2. DjangoSilard's Avatar
    Welcome back, boss! Glad to hear that everything is ok with your family and home.