Halloween Event! Fight the Revenant Horde!

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This Saturday, come join in a player run Halloween Event!

The fun starts at 9:00 AM PST and will continue throughout the day. Come join the fun and get some goodies.

When the horde of undead invaded from the south, Daepadar and the people of Thurinbar fled up North
and started a new tribe there called Angolardh.

When they fled they only took a few prized possessions, leaving behind vast wealth, in the form of dollars, and individual gold bars hidden throughout Thurinbar.

The Call was thus sent throughout Xsyon for Heroes and Adventurers to come clear out this vile Necropolis of the Undead. Thanks to each and everyone who dares come to repel the revenants hopefully this vile den of Evil will finally fall to the Heroes and Adventurers of the Good people of Xsyon.

- Kill lots of Revenants!
- Collect Revenant armor and turn it in for redeemable game tokens.
- Cash and gold blocks will be hidden throughout Thurinbar. Turn in these blocks for additional tokens.
- Guides will be in game to summon players to the event grounds.
- Player donated suits of armors and bows will also be hidden in the the ruins.
- Special items, the Halloween Helms will be hidden throughout the ruins.

Enjoy your time and meet new folks in Xsyon!

After the event, redeem your tokens through a help ticket

Please supply the following information:

- character name
- tribe name
- server
- tokens you plan to redeem
- prize you wish to collect
- To expedite token redemption you can place the tokens in a locked bin and note the location (x, z, zone) in the help ticket and we can deliver the prize directly to this bin.


  1. Diomedes's Avatar
    Can't wait :)