Christmas Event Saturday December 18th : Revenant Conquest!

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Due to popular demand we will be running another revenant conquest event, this time with a touch of Christmas.

The fun will commence at 9:00 AM PST, Saturday December 18th and will continue on throughout the day.

- Kill lots of Revenants!
- Collect armor from revenants and turn it in for prizes. For every 3 pieces of revenant armor turned in you get an event token.
- Come to Zone 737 X 944 Z 953 or ask in global chat for a Guide to summon you to the start of the event.
- There are 5 Santa's Big Helpers Hidden in the Event area.
- 100 pieces of Christmas gear are hidden in the Event area. You have the option of keeping them or turning each piece in for an event token.
- There are 25 Christmas Sacks hidden in the Event area. Each Christmas Sack contains:
10 Fruit Kebabs, $ 5000, and 5 event tokens.

Come and join us, enjoy the event and meet new folks!

After the event, redeem your tokens through a help ticket

Please supply the following information:

- character name
- tribe name
- server
- tokens you plan to redeem
- prize you wish to collect

To expedite token redemption you can place the tokens in a locked bin and note the location (x, z, zone) in the help ticket and we can deliver the prize directly to this bin.