Developer Update 2022.03.21

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

I'd like to give you all a quick update on what's currently in the works. My primary goal at the moment is to wrap up and release two big features - the massive Terrain Expansion and the War System for the War Server.

The Terrain Expansion is nearly ready for release.

This week I will be running extensive tests and fast simulations of creature migration, tree spawning and scavenging distribution in the expansion regions. Next week I will patch any additional zones that have been cleaned up and I will request final feedback on the expansion areas.

As part of this update I've recreated the tree spawning system. I think trees spawn in a better pattern now without issues of over crowding some areas. For this new system I am clearing out and respawning all trees not on tribe land.

I have several players touching up the remaining zones that need a check over. This is a time consuming task and I will likely release the expansion without all the zones open as the systems are ready to go.

The War System has just a few additional features for me to finish implementing and should be ready to go public along with the expanded terrain.

As I am wrapping up these features and will soon have time to work on additional tasks, I have set up a feedback session for players to request minor improvements that they would most like to see.

Please feel free to join us in the Suggestions session.


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