Terrain Expansion Coming Saturday May 14th!

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The massive terrain expansion patch is ready to go and will be patched this coming weekend! The servers will shut down at 10:00 AM PST and should be back up between 12:00 Noon and 1:00 PM PST with the update.

This patch focuses on a greatly expanded terrain and includes a lot of new and updated features. Here are some the changes in this patch:

1) World Map - A large world map with layers that you can turn on and off display the world in detail, the zone grid and region boundaries.

2) Scavenging - Scavenging had been revised so that items found are grouped by region and danger level of each region. Regions are categorized in the same groups as architecture parts and the Mist Traders (Gadu, Pioneer etc.) With the revised system, it should be easier to find what you are looking for.

3) Mist Traders - Mist Traders will sell a greater variety and number of schemes so that it will be much easier for players to collect the patterns and blueprints they seek.

4) Interface interactions - Options have been revised to include various menu styles, key binds and settings so that players can further customize their game experience to play either in the current older MMO fashion or more like a current sandbox survival game in 'active mode'.

5) Revised regions - With the terrain expansion, current regions have been reshaped and increased in size. This will become more important for the War Server when the War System is released as each conquerable region will be larger in size than the current small regions around the lake.

I will continue working on some of these features and making adjustments based on feedback after the public release but they are currently in a state that is good enough for public play.

Xsyon will be on sale shortly after Saturday's update.

See you in game!


  1. Whorlok's Avatar
    Nice...waiting then for the Warsystem then we have a good goal for War.
    Nice would be then at least a Rifle with the same ranged things as Bows