Patch Notes 2022.05.25

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Terrain Expansion Patch

- Terrain expanded to 7 times the original map.
-- Easy danger regional hubs are distributed around the map so that players of all levels can inhabit the expanded terrain.
-- The southernmost area of the full Xsyon terrain is still being finalized. The north and middle sections of the map extend to a mist filled ocean that surrounds the Xsyon island.
-- The full Xsyon terrain comprises 1600 1024x1024 meter zones, including zones in the surrounding ocean. Roughly 4/5 of this terrain is now currently open!
-- The terrain is divided into 182 regions for purposes of scavenging, resources and the upcoming War System. Each region is assigned a region type based on one of the 8 (7 currently in game) architectural styles.

- Scavenging revised
-- Resources are now more regionally distributed.
-- Scavenged materials can be found in each region based on its assigned style (Gadu, Pioneer, Mason, Scrapper etc.)

- Tree spawning revised
-- Trees spawn across the world to ensure regions maintain a decent population of each tree type.
-- Tree spawning distances improved to prevent close clusters of trees.
-- Tree distribution based on elevation, terrain surface and proximity to water.

- Creature migration revised
-- Creature migration revised to populate the expanded world and keep it populated.
-- Number of potential creatures in the world increased. This will be further increased over time.
-- Creature migration is tracked in a server side panel so that I can ensure that regions are properly inhabited.

- Large World Map
-- A large world map has been released! Use the M key by default to access the new map.
-- The map consists of various layers that can be turned on and off, including the zone grid and a regional overlay.
-- Additional features to this World Map will be forthcoming.

- Trading Post (Mist Trader) revised
-- The Mist Trader now updated once per game day (nine times per real day).
-- Items expire if now bought after 3 real days.
-- The number of total items available for purchase at one time varied based on tribe size, ranging from 15 to 60 items.
-- Trading Posts fill to their limit during each update.
-- The inventory available should be roughly 50% blueprints, 30% patterns and 20% tool and armor schemes.
-- These revisions should make it much easier for players to acquire the construction blueprints they are looking for or complete their armor or tool sets.

- Options panel improved
-- Options / settings divided into three tab groups: Graphics, Sound and Interface.
-- Screen resolution and Refresh setting separated for easier adjustments.
-- Sound settings now use sliders instead of arrows.
-- Combat Mode is now referred to as Active Mode.
-- Default Mode setting added. This allows players to set what mode they wish to enter the game in, Active or Passive. (Passive mode was the past default)
-- The Action Menu (the buttons for interaction with objects, creatures and other players) can be set to a Top Menu of buttons, a Right Side List of small buttons, a Radial Menu or the original Right Click list.
-- Actions in the Action Menu can be assigned key binds, which is particularly useful for interacting with objects in Active Mode.
-- Camera Field of View setting has been added to adjust the Field of View between 40 and 100 degrees.
-- Mouse Yaw and Pitch settings added to control the speed of the mouse control for camera and player rotations.
-- Report Gains settings added to display a message in the lower right of the screen each time a resource is acquired. This will be expanded to display XP gains as well.
-- The various standard Control Bars and Panels (Commands, Chat, Emotes, Combat, Packs, Skills and Resources) can be turned on and off in addition to being displayed vertically or horizontally.
-- The Mini Map can now be set to align to the left or right side of the screen.
-- The Radial Menu and Active Mode changes are in progress and will be further revised over the upcoming month.

- Key binds revised
-- Key binds for all object interactions added.
-- Key bind for the new World Map added.
-- Key binds to turn standard Action Bars on and off added.
-- Key bind panel rearranged.

- Optimizations and general improvements
-- Glitches with the Crafting Panel fixed.
-- Crafting properties check optimized.
-- Quality and Durability preview in the Crafting panel set to 2 decimal places.
-- Environmental sounds load now at the end of world loading.
-- Chance / luck removed from building construction.
-- Tribe panel revised with the Totems tab added for placing sub totems.
-- Font issues corrected.
-- Some gathering actions sped up.
-- Server side start up heavily optimized.
-- Many functions and systems have been further optimized for speed.
-- Minor bug fixes in addition to the above listed changes are noted in the Bug Report section of the Xsyon forums.
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