Combat Events This Weekend. Get Ready To Rumble!

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We are running PvP battle events again this coming weekend, on both servers!

War Server: 12 Noon PST , Saturday October 1st 2022
Peace Server: 2 PM PST , Saturday October 1st 2022
15 minutes prior to the event, whisper GuideRaguel for a port.

Letís get ready to rumble. Two citizens enter, only one leaves alive. With the conquest update coming up, it is time to fight. Spar with your fellow survivors to see who has the edge. Depending on participation there may be time for rematches, challenges, or team fights for fun.

After the fights, weíll have a short race just to see how fast you can get to those contested areas! Everyone is a winner. Food will be provided.

Come hang out and see your fellow players and enjoy an afternoon of sparring and fellowship!

Single elimination bracket
Must keep it in the area
No mounts
Order of port request determines bracket order
Weapons allowed
Looting of opponent NOT allowed
Destruction of the arena high discouraged
Donít kill non-combatants!

1st gets a brand spanking new craft-able weapon of their choice and a pick of material (within reason) or schematic.
2nd gets either a new weapon or pick of material (within reason)
3rd gets whatever 2nd did not choose.

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