Big Halloween Event and Sale!

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In celebration of Halloween, Xsyon is on sale for under $10 through October 31st!

This coming weekend we will be hosting our annual Halloween Event.

The Event will be on Saturday October 29th at 12 Noon PST.

Pumpkin Head Revenants have taken over the long sandy gulch on Mystery Isle. Donning pumpkin head helms and wielding indestructible weapons, they terrorize the Isle.

We are calling for Heroes to come clear out this haunted batch of evil spirits!

Heroes can keep all the gear they loot from the Revenants, including the pumpkin head helms and indestructible weapons. If they so desire, players can exchange looted weapons for 10 Event Tokens and Halloween Helms for 3 Event Tokens.

In addition, there are baskets hidden in the area that each contain $5000 loot.

Guide Elijah will start summons about 20 minutes before the event start time.

Come one and all and enjoy the Xsyon 2022 Halloween Event!