Xsyon Spring Update!

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

It's been a few months since my last update and I've been very busy working on the DirectX graphics update. As noted before, this is a full revision of the graphic engine and is the largest single task I've undertaken to the game. It's been a lot of work but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Here's what's been updated since my last announcement:

- Water rendering (expect for the waves caused by a player in water)
- Shadow rendering
- Distant terrain revised
- Terrain bump mapping
- Terrain textures updated
- Cloud rendering
- Tree rendering (this was the largest single graphics system that needed updating)
- Post processing system set up
- Clean up and optimization of systems and elements previously updated

What still needs to be done:
- Map panel
- Fires
- Improved lighting
- Further improved shadows
- Final ground texture selection
- Grass
- Waterfalls
- Minor fixes and improvements
- Optimizations

Most of these are relatively simple tasks. Once I feel the overall graphics update is polished enough for public view and I'm comfortable with the updated textures I will launch this new version on the Test Server.

In the meantime, the latest version with the War System and architecture snap functions (but without the graphics update) is running on the Test Server. Feel free to check the Xsyon forums for more info.

In addition we have a few events coming up and I will announce those in a separate post.

Thanks for your patience while I work on this major update. It's been a grind this year but the update is starting to really come together and I'm excited to release it hopefully before the end of summer.