Xsyon Autumn Update!

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

Iíve been making steady progress with the DirectX graphics update. As Iíve mentioned before this is a massive update to the game engine. The code for most rendering functions had to be completely rewritten. This is a necessary step though so it will continue to be my focus until itís done. Weíre getting there!

Since my last major report Iíve completed the following:
- Improved lighting functions (torches, though not yet implemented will be finally possible!)
- Fires.
- New cloud system.
- Reflections on water.
- Sun and moon rendering implemented.
- Sunlight and moonlight functions revised.
- Improved shadows.
- Ground texture improvements.
- Bump mapping for ground textures completed and optimized.
- Terrain conversion to World Machine, potentially allowing for better overall surface distribution.
- Post processing effects for adjusting brightness and contrast.
- New font system.
- Interface function adjustments to accommodate the new font functions.
- Hero panel update.
- Chat panel adjustable transparency.
- New HDR rendering system.
- Revised loading functions to work with the new graphics system.
- Optimization of graphic systems implemented so far.

Hereís what Iím working on next:
- Continued work with World Machine. My goal is to use World Machine to improve the overall ground surface texture distribution.
- Finalizing distant terrain.
- Finalizing trees. Iím hoping I will be able to use the latest version of Speed Tree though for now Iíve converted the older version but still need to improve some of the lighting and distant tree functions.
- Adjusting some rendering functions to work properly with the new HDR rendering system.
- Ensuring that zone crossings are 100% correct.
- Continued improvements and options for interacting with objects and the interface.
- Revised tutorial.
- Checking through everything and updating anything else that Iíve missed!

This DirectX update is taking a while and there have been several snags over this past year where I found that functions had be coded using completely different methods to achieve the same or a similar effect.

While revising the font system at first I implemented a system that would allow players to use any font on their computer. Unfortunately that system was too slow. Instead I implemented a fast system and have converted 10 standard fonts for players to choose from. In the near future I will post a feedback thread for players to request additional fonts as I can add a few more and maybe remove some of the redundant fonts that Iíve set up.

At this point, my goal is to release this graphic update including the War system, improvements to the interface, interactions and the tutorial in January. I donít wish to release a big update like this and remove the Early Access tag during the winter holiday season as Xsyon tends to get lost among other big releases and popular titles on sale.

I will post more regularly as I wrap up this update. Thanks again for your patience. Revising a graphic engine is a lot of work for one programmer!



  1. Whorlok's Avatar
    Nice...and XSYON in Virtual Reality VRif its possible on Quest 3 a Blockbuster
  2. chojinuk's Avatar
    - Chat panel adjustable transparency.

    But this already exists.

    You can already adjust the chat box transparency.