Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Xsyon is on sale at a big discount of 75% off through January 4th! We also have a few events coming up thanks to our Guide Team. Come join in the fun!

Important Note:

Unfortunately I am posting this announcement late as the Xsyon servers are currently unavailable. There is a major problem at the server host data center that is being dealt with and may take another 24 to 36 hours from the time of this post to resolve. Once the servers are back up I will work quickly to set up any players that attempted to create new accounts during this down time.

I apologize for any inconvenience and thank players for your patience!

Christmas gifts:

During the Winter Sale Xsyon we will be distributing Christmas gifts. I am extending the gift period to January 11th because of the server down time.

To receive a gift, please open a help ticket and request one blueprint, pattern or scheme. You will receive that gift in addition to a Christmas outfit and some cash.

In your ticket, please note your character name, tribe name and the X, Z and Zone coordinates to the location of a basket that you leave in game (preferably at your tribe's totem).

Please make sure to send us a request before January 4th.

Gathering Events:

Guide Elijah will be running a different kind of event in January. Although the event sounds simple enough there is a lot of distance to cover and explore and you will be crossing paths with legendary creatures along the way.

On the Peace Server this event will start on Saturday, January 13th at 12 noon PST and will run for one week until Saturday, January 20th.

On the War Server this event will start on Saturday, January 20th at 12 noon PST and will run for one week until Saturday, January 27th.

The starting location for the event is at the dock at the Bay Watch tribe. Guide Elijah will summon players to the start location 30 minutes before the event commences.

Fish up 10 Cutthroat Trout fish from the dock at Sunset Cove. These can be of any quality. Next, scavenge 10 premium Mink Furs from the scavenger piles outside of Silverleaf. Once you have gathered all of these items, bring them back to Guide Elijah at the Bay Watch Tribe on Mystery Isle.

Once you have turned in the items to Guide Elijah, he will spawn in a baby mutant of your choice and set
its age to 1 and health to 100 to make it a little easier for you to tame.

Here are map coordinates to help you get to the event locations:

Peace Server:
Sunset Cove Dock Zone: 687 X 741 Z 476
Bay Watch Infirmary Zone: 779 X 531 Z 829
Scavenger Pile outside Silverleaf: Zone 796 X 20 Z 410

War Server:
Guide Elijah's Home Infirmary: Zone 779 X 402 Z 737
West Coast Fishing Location: Zone 687 X 771 Z 490
East Coast Scavenger Pile Location: Zone 796 X 20 Z 410


I am continuing with the DirectX graphics, interface and interaction update and will post an update on whatís been completed and whatís still in the works in the New Year. Itís coming along but there are many little things to wrap up and optimize.

Enjoy the holidays!