Patch Notes 04.19.2013 - Massive Trade and Quest Totems Update!

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Trade and Quest Totems!

  • ​​Can be placed on allied land.
  • Tribes can place one trade and one quest totem on their home tribe land.
  • Tribes can place additional trade and quest totems on allied land as follows:

Homesteads - 1 additional trade and 1 additional quest totem.
Bands - 2 additional trade and 2 additional quest totems.
Clans - 3 additional trade and 3 additional quest totems.
Tribes - 4 additional trade and 4 additional quest totems.

  • Can be placed and moved by Tribe members with correct Totem Placement permit.
  • Tribes can REMOVE their totems. If you REMOVE a totem it becomes hidden and will be used next time you place a new totem.
  • If you break an alliance, all totems on either previously allied land will become hidden and reserved for the next totem placement.
  • If an allied tribe disbands, totems on allied land will become hidden and reserved for the next totem placement.
  • Totem actions require the Totem rank permission.
  • Currency tracked on loading
  • Currency can be changed once every 5 real days.
  • Totems require confirmation for placement.
  • Items sold based on cost per stack.
  • Players can select the quantity to buy from a stack of items for sale as long the total price does not include a fractional total price.
  • Owner only can sell Carts and Containers.
  • Possessor can sell all other items in possession regardless of ownership.
  • Allied Tab allows viewing of sale items from allied tribes and secondary totems placed on allied land. Tribe location for each item is listed.
  • Items for sale become property of the tribe leader after 400 game days if not sold or collected.
  • Items for sale and completed sales are removed from the totem after 800 game days if not sold or collected.


  • Totem Upkeep Tab
  • Totem displays list of Trade and Quest Totems for this tribe in the Upkeep tab.
  • Totem shows player class and last active day for tribe members only.
  • Totem shows ranks for tribe members only.
  • Totem can refresh values with multiple players viewing the totem.

Tribe Upkeep

  • Tribe Upkeep updates once per game day
  • Upkeep reduces by 1% per game day.
  • Upkeep reduces from 100% to 0% in 11 real days (100 game days).
  • Upkeep consists of three components: Currency, Resources and Provisions (Food).
  • Currency upkeep is fully implemented.
  • Resource and provision upkeep will be finalized in future patches.
  • Currency is required per full tribe member.
  • Trial / Transient tribe members do not require currency upkeep.
  • Currency upkeep affects tribal and tribe leader bonuses as follows:

0-20% upkeep, no bonuses.
20%-80% upkeep, bonuses increasing from 0 to 100% of bonus.
88-100% upkeep, overstock, bonuses at 100%.

  • Currency upkeep allows the tribe leader or character with the correct rank permission to select one of the following bonuses for the tribe:

Scholarship: Increases Inspiration (gaining new schemes), success rate and experience gain rate for all crafts.
Basketry, Tailoring, Leathercraft, Bonecraft, Toolcraft, Weaponcraft: Increases skill, results, chance of success and skill gain for the specific skill.

  • Upkeep bonuses can be changed once every 5 real days.
  • Existing ranks are set to allow the setting the upkeep bonus by default.
  • New ranks are set to not allow setting upkeep bonus by default.


  • Crafting Panel
  • Crafting panel now has a search box to filter schemes by name.
  • Multiple items can be crafted in a row by setting an amount to craft (currently up to 20 for stackable items and up to 5 for non stackable items).


  • Item quality revised to a maximum of 125 supreme quality.
  • Item quality number now displays in item icon information tooltip after the quality level.
  • Tools affect skill of the player instead of adding directly to the item quality. This provides higher bonuses to higher skilled players and less effects for lower skilled players.
  • Stack limits on items increased to allow for multiple item crafting.
  • Duration bonuses have been removed.

Armor Sets

  • Artisan and Master armor sets added. These provide stronger protection than normal sets.
  • Artisan sets provide a potential +10% higher armor than base sets.
  • Master sets provide a potential +25% higher armor than base sets.
  • Artisan and Master armor sets are composed of more components thus having the potential of holding more and higher armor bonuses.
  • Armor scheme components categorized:

Primary Material (gives 1.5x bonus)
Secondary Material (Artisan and Master sets only) (gives 1x bonus)
Fastener (gives 0.5x bonus)
Primary Decoration (gives 1x bonus)
Secondary Decoration (gives 1x bonus)

  • Armor stat bonuses revised.
  • Armor can hold up to a maximum of 5 stat bonuses.
  • With each additional bonus, the overall stat bonus total limit is increased, but divided among the applied bonuses. For example an armor set can use one stat bonus at maximum power (near +40 stat points for one stat, or 5 bonuses at a lower value for each stat (total of near 70 stat points).
  • Armor decays in combat when hit, based on the location of the hit.


  • Each set of tools provides quality bonuses for select crafts or items.

Forager -> Basketry and Forager Tools
Trapper -> Bonecraft and Trapper Tools
Pioneer -> Leathercraft and Pioneer Tools
Scrapper ->Tailoring and Scrapper Tools


  • Leather can be cut to create leather scraps. This applies to fur and suede also.
  • Leather scraps can be sewn to create leather. This applies to fur and suede also.
  • Plastic materials added.
  • Additional plastic components added.
  • Additional bone and leather components added.
  • Additional metal materials added.
  • Crafting components revised so that some parts used in schemes can be metal or plastic (such as decorations).


  • Tribal Lands buff revised to just provide a safe zone from combat.
  • Tribe Member buff added that provides a stat bonus based on tribe size. This buff applied to a tribe member regardless of location.


  • Permissions for allies
  • Permissions for family
  • Permissions can be set to either Public, Private or a combination of Friends, Tribe, Allies and Family.
  • Doors now have permission settings.
  • Existing doors are set to Tribe permission automatically if a player tries to use the door.
  • All pouches and packs now have permissions and locks, same as bins.

  • Permits: Tribe Leader, owner (if still in Tribe) and people with Rank Permits can use building commands.
  • Move uses the Construct Permit (before only the owner could Move)
  • Cancel ghost uses the Construct Permit
  • Dismantle uses the Dismantle Permit
  • Owners can't use commands if they leave theTribe.


  • Carts: only owners can Label
  • Buildings: owners and tribe leader can Label
  • Containers: people with Permissions can Label.
  • Totems: People in the tribe with Place Totem Rank Permit can label.

New Groups

  • Tribe allies. Alliances can be formed or revoked by players with the correct Diplomacy rank permission.
  • Tribe enemies.
  • Personal Family group added (works like Friends and can be used for a closer group).

Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Tool Tips on items improved:
  • Tool Tips on schemes show skill type and skill required.
  • Old non working bonuses removed from tool tips.
  • Old item bonuses adjusted to match new system.
  • Comfort and Faith bars disabled and turned off.
  • Destroying objects in the world requires a yes/no confirmation.
  • Master quality renamed to Premium (to avoid confusion with Master recipes)
  • Fires off tribe lands can be extinguished and destroyed by anyone.
  • Guides get a message when a player kills another player to help resolve player disputes.
  • Items show ownership on tool tips for all players
  • Bugs with trade fixed.
  • Free players can't become tribe leaders through abandonment.
  • Bug with running and swimming skill gains for free players fixed.
  • Tribe leader has permissions to edit ranks regardless of the setting
  • Server start up speed improved.
  • Bug with stacking bundles into carts fixed.
  • Quests can use numbers in the titles
  • Trade bug allowing players to trade or sell bins with items fixed.
  • Start location text revised
  • Feldspar can be found as a rare resource on Basalt surfaces.
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