Patch Notes 04.22.2013

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Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Carrots removed from foraging table. Carrots converted to Yarrow. (Carrots were in testing for the coming agriculture system).
  • Archery skill showing for some characters removed.
  • Using the search function in the craft panel while a search is in progress cancels the craft if the scheme is deselected.
  • Pioneer and Scrapper chalk schemes added.
  • New tools correctly apply bonuses.
  • New tool schemes correctly require matching base schemes.
  • Stumps can be destroyed by anyone on public land.
  • Trade totem header buttons properly display at all resolutions.
  • Revenant wandering range corrected to their haunting ground.
  • Schemes requiring multiple skills display both required skills and levels.
  • Name on leather bevel schemes corrected.
  • Leather tarp scheme corrected.
  • Creatures lost in the green mist reset to their home location.
Patch Notes