Patch Notes 05.08.2013

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Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Cause of server lockup fixed.
  • Memory use by the game client for creatures dramatically reduced.
  • Marmot parts stack count increased to match other animals.
  • Small creature innards can be dissected into parts, including guts.
  • The amount of guts used in crafting revised.
  • Artisan and Master armor schemes require base schemes.
  • Max craft amount for base leather schemes (leather, scraps, fur etc.) corrected to 20.
  • Search not automatically active when craft panel opens.
  • Craft panel keeps scroll position after crafting / learning schemes.
  • Fidora spelling corrected to fedora
  • Leader ranks have all permissions checked. These can't be unchecked.
  • Craftsman cart parts require materials of 60 quality to craft.
  • Adept cart parts require materials of 75 quality to craft.
  • Master cart parts require materials of 90 quality to craft.
  • Trading a cart does not require a pack in your backpack slot.
  • Death properly closes all containers including carts and buildings.
  • Max stack count increased on metal rods, cloth, leather and many crafted components.
  • Grass components (cloth, thread etc.) take bonuses from the base grass material.
  • Armor bonus system checked and corrected.
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