Patch Notes 06.06.2013

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Creature Repopulation Patch I
Creatures balanced and migration revised to ensure a world full of creatures. Creatures now range in power to provide a satisfying hunt for new as well as veteran characters.

Migration system completely redone to ensure a better balance and spread of creatures throughout the Xsyon world.
Creatures age faster.
Creatures run slower in general, especially small critters.
Creature speed is variable based on the creature's age and power.
Creatures hp balanced and reduced for small critters.
Creature damage slightly revised.
Small mutant critters are more aggressive.
Small mutant innards can be dissected.
The Power factor on animal parts is now in 5 increments: 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0.

Memory use for creatures, containers and entities optimized on the server. Server now uses half the previous amount of RAM.
Memory use for creatures improved on the client.

Improvements / Bug Fixes
Problems with upkeep not saving correctly in some cases fixed.
Issue with some players unable to lock more than 1 combat skill fixed.
Fixed bug with starter level schemes (level 25 schemes being gained on login).
Artisan Truckee Kneepad scheme fixed
Creatures and characters killed in water now float on the water so that they can be looted.

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