Patch Notes 08.27.2013

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Resources Patch I
Scavenged resources redistributed and improved. With new developer tools and an improved system, resource distribution can be managed easily and improved upon over time.

Regional distribution of scavenged and sorted resources.
Increased chance of rare resources in high danger areas.
Scavenging skill increases chance to find rare resources.
Weights of items revised and balanced.
Armor bonuses added to feathers.
Armor bonuses added to tree resources.
Armor bonuses added to crafted components and creature resources missing bonuses.
Increased amount of guts from innards.
Decreased chance of failed scavenging on scrap piles.
Revised quality of scavenged items found.

Rarity of material on items indicated by the text color of the item's name.
Spelling on leather craft tools corrected.

Bug Fixes
Fixed needles and leaves so that they work in armor schemes.
Fixed issue causing free inventory slots to be miscounted.
Destroying an object while another character is picking up the item properly locked.
Fixed issue with skill 25 schemes being regained quickly after unlearning them.
Corrected stacking issues caused by floating point math inaccuracies.

Tribe updates radius when a character logs in. Upgrading to premium takes affect at this point and will not require a character to be removed and added again to the tribe.
Improved busy system for objects in use.
Totem placement checks based on new totem location, not player's position.

Developer Tools
New distribution system and tools allows developers to easily adjust regional resource distribution.
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