Xsyon Gets The Steam Greenlight!

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Xsyon has passed the Steam Greenlight program and approved for a pending launch on Steam!

Xsyon will be one among the few sandbox games on Steam and we are looking forward to reaching a much wider audience. It will take a few months to prepare Xsyon for a Steam launch. A release date will be announced in the future.

Development plans are as follows:

- Farming: Characters plant, water, tend and harvest crops, gathering food to survive and enhance their existence.

- Cooking: Characters combine ingredients to create unique recipes, resulting in dishes that provide buffs and boosts.

- Terrain Reversion: Public land that has been terraformed then abandoned will revert to its original form, giving players a cleaner slate to construct and develop new towns.

- Multiple Servers: To accommodate an influx in population, Xsyon will exist on multiple servers, including a more friendly PvE server and a risk oriented PvP server.

In addition to these major features, we will continue to fix bugs, eliminate problems and balance current systems.

Thank you for all your support and votes!


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  1. Jadzia's Avatar
    Great news ! PvE server finally, I'll be coming back as soon as it launches !
    Eyesgood's suggestion about a different map for the PvE server sounds great, wish it got implemented :)
  2. GreenSpade's Avatar
    I am also concerned about the multiple servers, I think turning the current server into a pve or a risk oriented PvP server would ruin the type of game people have been paying for and would either force people to quit or switch servers.

    I know if you made the current server pvp with risk oriented by having non safe tribe lands, distructable buildings and lockpickable doors and bins, I would feel all my time in this game has been for waste and would prob quit.

    If you made the current server pve, I would again not be happy since pvp is a part of this game, it fuels the need for health, without this part of it, its no longer a survivor game and is just a friendly crafters game where the land most wanted is the low danger zones cuz no one wears armour cuz no one needs to hunt cuz everyone just crafts. This wouldnt be a game I could see myself wanting to continue to play.

    Its only the full game that is fun, if you take away half of a game and split it into two games your going to have two very dry games.
  3. Venciera's Avatar
    I'm hoping this will be a PVP server with the ability to attack, and capture tribes. I'm not interested in building walls because they look cool.
  4. mmogaddict's Avatar
    Great News. If you have a PvE server I'll definitely resub up.
  5. Eyesgood's Avatar
    A PVE server was and is inevitable. Just like with Wurm Online and other sandbox MMO's, the PVP-only crowd is not large enough to sustain the financial needs of the game. Opening up a "carebear" server will doubtless inject much-needed funds into the development coffers, allowing the game to survive much longer than without it. Let's not get into the PVP/PVE bashing game. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to PVP or PVE. In the end, play on the server you want to play on and be thankful the other exists to make both viable long-term.

    The only question I have is WHEN will the new server go online so I can budget for it :)

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