Xsyon Gets The Steam Greenlight!

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Xsyon has passed the Steam Greenlight program and approved for a pending launch on Steam!

Xsyon will be one among the few sandbox games on Steam and we are looking forward to reaching a much wider audience. It will take a few months to prepare Xsyon for a Steam launch. A release date will be announced in the future.

Development plans are as follows:

- Farming: Characters plant, water, tend and harvest crops, gathering food to survive and enhance their existence.

- Cooking: Characters combine ingredients to create unique recipes, resulting in dishes that provide buffs and boosts.

- Terrain Reversion: Public land that has been terraformed then abandoned will revert to its original form, giving players a cleaner slate to construct and develop new towns.

- Multiple Servers: To accommodate an influx in population, Xsyon will exist on multiple servers, including a more friendly PvE server and a risk oriented PvP server.

In addition to these major features, we will continue to fix bugs, eliminate problems and balance current systems.

Thank you for all your support and votes!


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  1. Whorlok's Avatar
  2. Eyesgood's Avatar
    PVE server? Cooking? Farming? I will be coming back for sure! May I suggest a totally different map for the PVE server?
    Updated 10-30-2013 at 07:34 AM by Eyesgood
  3. LaoZi's Avatar
    Good job Xsyon! Keep it up! Sign me up for the pvp server so we can put the cannibal barbarians to rest ;)
  4. MrDDT's Avatar
    PVE server WTF? The PVP server has nothing that supports PVP. Are we going to get to keep our toons on both servers?

    Good luck Xsyon is you add a PVE server before you do anything to support PVP on the current server it will be pointless.
  5. Madam's Avatar
    Congratulation's Xsyon,
    I am concerned about the future of the current server how ever, If you are going to have a New PVE Server are you going to make the Current PVP server and use the term loosely, more like a PVP server should be?
    Will we beable to keep characters on both servers on the same account?
    Will the beginning tutorial get fixed on both servers so the current players don't have to keep Xsyon alive by leading the new players on how to start the game and what is this thing I just picked up and what do I do with it?
    I have invested a lot of time in a game I love to play (even with its bugs) to see it become a ghost server.
    I guess I will have to see what the future hold for my game play.
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