Patch Notes 11.10.2013

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Carts and Improvement Patch

- Carts on tribe land, not accessed by the owner for INACTIVE days can be moved by the tribe leader.
- Carts on tribe land, not accessed by the owner for DESERTED days can be opened by the tribe leader.
- Carts not on the owner's tribe land and not used by the owner for ABANDONED days become abandoned.
- Carts can only be traded by the cart owner.
- Owner can destroy carts.

INACTIVE = 18 game days (2 real days)
DESERTED = 135 game days (15 real days)
ABANDONED = 405 game days (45 real days)

Help System
- Help icon (lower right side) launches web browser to our new help desk ticket system.
- Writing in help chat prompts player to use the help system if no Guides are online.
- New ticket system will be used as the main system to alert Guides and report issues.

- Terraforming level up and level down commands added to better control leveling terrain.
- Trade totems show details for allied trade items when selected.
- Revenant respawn blocked by 100 meters reserved land around active totems.
- Chance to gain schemes while crafting slightly increased.
- Upkeep bonuses display as buffs with tool tips.

Bug Fixes
- Blocked adding materials from cart slots directly to the craft panel (to prevent bugs).
- Death and death teleporting minor issues resolved.
- Relogging bug allowing players to spawn at their current location fixed.
- Blocked dismantle by tribe members on the edge of tribe land.
- Hunting and crafting quests properly require questor to personally hunt or craft the quest item.
- Minor bug causing players to sometimes click an icon twice to bring up the action menu fixed.
- Fixed Artisan Pocahontas Chest recipe so that it can be gained.
- Trapper's Milliner Needle scheme fixed.
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