Developer Update: 01.10.2014

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

Many of you are wondering what's coming next and when you get more sand in the sandbox to play with. As announced a few weeks ago, a lot is in the works.

For the past few weeks I've been dealing daily with minor bug reports, recurring unresolved issues, much needed optimizations and reports of incidents that confirm the pressing need for more information in game.

Because of this, I've started up the public Test Server with farming and cooking disabled so that we can get these distracting issues out of the way and patch the improvements to the Main Server.

My goals right now are:

Fix bugs and release important optimizations.
Implement a full tutorial system and additional in game information where needed.
Fully test the terrain reversion system.
Launch the upcoming PvE server.
Finish, test and release the farming and cooking systems. (These need to be released simultaneously for the systems to have value in game).

All of these (and more) need to be finalized before Xsyon launches on Steam.

Some players have been asking about the upcoming systems. I will take some time this coming week to post more details about what to expect with the terrain reversion, farming and cooking.

The Test Server is open for specific tests. I will contact players to assist with these tests as needed. I will post in the Developer Zone when I am ready for public general assistance with tests.

Until my next update, enjoy!

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  1. MrDDT's Avatar
    What happened to healing system, and tools for gathering?
    Is thought even going into the effects of the economy?
  2. Eyesgood's Avatar
    Oh my goodness... you are going to implement a PVE server? Hum..... That definitely raises my eyebrows :)
  3. joebgrape's Avatar
    I am super excited about the PVE server !!!!!! Thanks
  4. Dzarren's Avatar
    Please put the PVE server in the EU, so EU players can enjoy a low ping too
    THX for the update hope to see it soon
  5. jba9328547's Avatar
    Nice!! A PVE server I can't wait. Hope we don't have to start over but even so I am in. Thanks
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