Patch Notes 02.03.2014

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Optimization and Improvement Patch

Notable Improvements
- One currency used at trade totems - dollars. Other currencies are replaced with dollar bills.
- Camera view set to a fixed vertical field of view offering widescreen resolutions a wider horizontal field of view.
- Keyboard input completely redone with a more robust system.

Server Optimizations
- Optimized entering and crossing zone loading to prevent lag.
- Optimized skill and experience gain functions to prevent lag.
- Optimized tree loading to prevent lag.

Minor Improvements / Bug Fixes
- Level up and level down adjusted to gain or use dirt only if the difference in heights being leveled exceeds 0.1 meters.
- Level (flat) command adjusted for more consistency.
- Adjusted crafting panel so that crafting button works only if all required materials are present.
- Crafting cancels if you close the crafting panel.
- Experience not gained while using experience to increase skills through the leveling up panel.
- Tree stump positioning adjusted to prevent underground stumps.
- Vertical gauges (life, energy etc.) graphics adjusted.
- Fixed the display of the Bonecraft upkeep buff.
- Power on some animal based crafted components corrected.
- Master Forager Bone File can be unlearned.
- Female armor sets display duration and wear.
- Totems should display 0 days last active for online players.
- You can now take damage when falling with a cart attached.
- Mini map glitch when near the center of a zone (512 position) and zone borders fixed.
- Tribe member inviting another receives messages regarding tribe size when an invited member accepts.
- Blocked two players planting a tree at the same location.
- NumPad can be used at the login screen and in game chat.
- Changing an audio device while the game is running should reset sound properly.
Patch Notes


  1. MrDDT's Avatar
    Great patch, lots of nice fixes in here.
    Audio one is a surprise to me, and much needed. Very happy about that also.
  2. Primation's Avatar
    love the fixes but why launch a new server when the current one can't stay up for 24 hours?
  3. Finaros's Avatar
    No F2P - No Online !
  4. Nezdar's Avatar
    Patch notes look good. I really hope the audio glitch is gone for good!