Patch Notes 02.21.2014

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Character Creation Patch

Notable Improvements
- Improved character creation panels, featuring information on stats and skills and a location map.
- Additional options for reporting bugs and issues from the help button.

Server Improvements
- Extensive logging to detect causes of lag and server lock ups. This logging system will be disabled once problems are found and fixed.

Minor Improvements / Bug Fixes
- Quality of knife used in hunting affects the quality of gathered bones and leather.
- Quality of knife used in dissecting a head affects the quality of the resulting items.
- Quality of head being dissected affects the quality of the resulting items.
- Map panel position saves on exit.
- Issue causing player to have to click twice to open bins after jumping fixed.
- Pioneer walls adjusted slightly to close gaps between walls and roof posts.
- Jumping while dead in ghost mode no longer allows skill gain.
- Collision meshes on bundles adjusted so that all bundles can be placed on floors.
Patch Notes