Developer Update 02.26.2014

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I would like to address a rumor that apparently has been going around that I've delayed game development in order to focus on developing a PvE server.

This is false.

A PvE server will be launched as I've previously noted, however this is not taking time away from further development of the game. The time required to set up a second server will be minimal when the time comes.

Development has been focused, as noted in my recent updates, on bug fixes, optimizations and logging / detection code to monitor and eventually resolve causes of lag. In addition, the new character creation screens were added and a simple but hopefully effective set of tutorial screens is in progress.

These are critical improvements that had been put off far too long in favor of new features and balancing of systems. Some of the current optimizations in progress are crucial for new systems such as terrain reversion to go in.

The next maintenance (Friday 1:00 AM) will include a minor patch with a few more bug fixes, in particular a few recently reported issues. These minor patches will continue.

In addition, the most recent Questions for the Developers have been answered here

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  1. MrDDT's Avatar
    Thanks for the update.
  2. Casondrah's Avatar
    Thank you for posting this. Hopefully it will put some things to rest and peeps can move on.

    It's a great game and seeing active development, even those changes that we may not notice (but are def necessary), is fantastic. Keep up the good work, it's appreciated.