Developer Update 03.11.2014

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I'm preparing a preliminary PvE server today so you may notice different files being downloaded through the launcher. These do not apply to or affect gameplay on the Main Server.

I will release an updated launcher this week in preparation for the launch of the PvE server.
Developer Updates


  1. fatboy21007's Avatar
    Hurray! :-)
  2. chusom53's Avatar
    Cant seem to join server at this exact time.
  3. chusom53's Avatar
    Nvm it was just the thing said it be done exactly 1 hour and then i check waited like hour and a half and still not open but then i look at website main server is down but it says main server is up in the thing weird..
  4. Primation's Avatar
    can we keep current server stable prior to making a new one?