Patch Notes 05.02.2014

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Tutorial and Improvement Patch

Tutorial Panels introduced!
- Tutorial provides over 200 panels of instructions and information for players, new and old.

- Permissions and locks combined into one panel for objects that use both.
- Permissions / locks icon added to your equipped pack and pouch panels.
- Revised handles on gauges.
- Creature life and energy bars changed to red and green.
- Added messages to eating and drinking to indicate if you are still hungry, still thirsty or over satiated.
- Map Panel displays if your current tribe territory is your Home location or an Allied tribe location.
- Stat Adjustment Panel displays the number of adjustments you have left.
- Interface Panels save their open / closed state when you exit the game. This does not apply to crafting or construction panels.

- Campfires require fuel (firewood) to stay lit. Firewood quality determines how long the fire stays lit.
- Campfires provide a 'hearth' buff which increases Life and Energy regeneration.
- Campfires without fuel show as a simple ring of rocks.
- Campfires properly light nearby buildings and objects.
- Campfires visually improved.

- You can now open and close packs and pouches while resting or sleeping.
- Unused combat skills removed from the skill list.
- Hit points adjusted due to skills removed (slight increase or decrease).

New Players
- New players start with Flint and Firewood in their inventory.
- New players start with an axe, knife, fishing rod and shovel in their inventory, regardless of skills chosen.
- Schemes adjusted to allow new players to craft a basic set of grass armor and all necessary tools.

- Foraging tables temporarily revised to remove inedible plants. Foraging will be further revised with the Farming and Cooking systems.

Energy, Hunger and Thirst
- Energy used by actions decreased.
- Energy and life gain revised. Normal gain rates increased.
- Gain rates affected more by hunger and thirst levels.
- Buffs display for low and high hunger and thirst levels.
- Hunger and Thirst should be kept at 50% for optimal energy levels.
- Hunger and Thirst gauges range in color from red to green or blue. Red indicates that you need more food or water or have consumed too much.

Trade Totem
- Warning messages regarding items becoming property of the tribe leader after 400 game days and expiring after 800 game days displayed when sale is placed.
- Refresh button added to the Trade Totem Panel allowing owners to reset the date sold for all their items for sale and uncollected sold items.

- Construction Ghosts do not cast shadows.

Bug Fixes
- Incorrect power on hunted creature parts fixed.
- Mackinaw Trout weight reduced and made stackable and edible.

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