Terrain Reversion Ready For Final Testing!

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Terrain Reversion is ready for final testing on the Test Server.

In addition, I have cleaned up the database and will need players to help ensure that the data clean up will not cause any problems.

For more information, please join in the feedback thread

Terrain reversion has taken a long time as it required a lot of optimization so that many changes could be made quickly enough and without further impacting the performance of the server.

While optimizing terrain reversion, I have also optimized several other data structures. This may improve server performance, but needs to be tested with more active players. The server start up time has definitely been improved and is down to around 15 minutes where not long ago it was taking over an hour to restart the server.

Farming and cooking are turned on but not finished on the Test Server. I do not require any feedback on these systems at this time. If the feedback on this round of Terrain Reversion is positive, we will move on to testing farming and cooking again.
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