Tribes beyond the mist
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Tribes beyond the mist

This is another idea along the lines of "how can we get players to go to a location to fight, sneak or otherwise compete for resources/materials"

The map is alot larger than the current mist restrictions correct?

What if we had, possibly once a week, a rotation of locations on the map that "by the shifting of the wind" the mist is blow away from a area, revealing an abandoned tribe for people to raid.

The rotation could have one on each side of the map, north, west, east, south, this would force people to travel to other zones as the "winds shift" to access the zone opened up by the "wind"

There are revenant in the game already, this could benefit this type of raiding by adding dangerous revenant's to the area.

Each area could be equipped with a tribe theme of equipment, for example, you could have a tribe wearing different forms of hugaleti or bone/leather/cloth armor, some warrior's with bone armor and heavy weapons like shovels or polearms, some rogues with leather armor and faster weapons like axes or clubs and some civilians with cloth armor with clubs or unarmed.

Design each "ruined tribe" as a raid zone where each of the revenant's have a pouch or backpack on them with resources or materials in them.

Design areas to raid such as buildings to check with bins in them, randomize the resources or materials in them, this is half the "fun" of alot of the post apocalyptic world settings such as fallout 3/new vegas/4 and "the outer worlds" is:

1) looting baddies you kill

2) looting ruins you come across

You have baddies, you have ruins, but you have zero loot to fight over or reward people with...

Could reward people with basic loot tables, cutting it into 3 classes, the heavier higher hp guys with bone armor having the best stuff, leather guys with mid hp some good stuff and the cloth guys with low hp some mild stuff.

bone guys could have artisan and master schematics, possibly decent master grade 75q+ armor & weapons
leathercraft guys could have craftsman and artisan schematics, possibly decent artisan grade 50q+ armor & weapons.
cloth guys could have basic schematics, possibly basic 25q+ armor & weapons.

Some other possible loot items could be light but useful things like weapon heads or tools heads as an alternative way to get them outside of scavenge. Money is another option since you also can't get this outside of scavenge.

Could have lootable buildings or bins with basic materials such as cloth squares & scraps, leather squares & scraps, bones (possibly human bones?) rivets, screws, you could make the spawn a randomization of the junk loot table with a 50% chance of a bin's slot being empty so not every slot was filled, but not everything would be useful either.

You could do this once a week while the server is down like it normally is, it could swap mist opening location, purge the old tribe area to save on server cpu and spawn the new tribe revs+loots. If you came up with 4 different tribes that would cover a months rotation, you could leave the structures of the tribe themselves in place so the only thing that would need to change weekly is despawning old revs, spawning new revs and randomizing the items in the new area, while purging them in the old area.... another way could be leaving the old area's items there till that time next month again and purging the new areas items at the same time as respawning it, would have the same effect.

This would give a place deeeeep in the wilds for the strongest players, or the bravest groups to explore. The biggest risks in fighting revs, mixed with the highest rewards in things you can't get anywhere else outside of scavenge or materials you can grind to raise your stats, leather and granite could be good raid-able things cuz they weigh so much you cant really transport them or run away with alot of it, you would have to think about how to do it by either killing the revs or working with other players or sneaking around them, theres alot of cool gameplay options here if people are thinking about "how do I get that stuff"
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06-12-2020 11:41 AM
Maybe if you want more xp, should relook at some of the skills? It seems when you get to 90-100 in a skill you get nearly nothing for exp points... meaning your getting nothing for exp off your actions, its faster to grind something else like basketry or masonry cuz things like resources don't really give any exp

06-12-2020 11:51 AM
Xsyon Citizen
Quote Originally Posted by Static
Aparently only 5% of people are strong enough to focus on these things.

I disagree with you that these are reasons to mass travel for 95% of players, since 95% of players only use basic materials they dont need to travel for.

Theres like 3 players on the server who may be focusing on this like your claiming.

A lot more people focus on it than you think. Also, don't forget about blueprints and recipes.

I agree with you about green points. I think more EXP should be given for higher end crafting. (# of items in a recipe should have an effect also)

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