Trade Center
issueid=2653 07-07-2019 06:52 AM
Trade Center

I don't know if this has been suggested before but I would like to suggest that Founders Island have a trade center. A place where people can buy and sell in one place. I don't have the time nor want to run all over the map searching for a trade totem that most of the time I can't find anyway. There could be one totem or several that players can post their items to sell. The money you receive would stay on the totem just like it does now so you would have to check back often to claim any money from sells since there is no in game mail system. The Trade Center would encourage interaction on both pve and pvp server. On pvp, Flounders it is non combat area anyway I believe? May even help the economy of the game. Also tribes could still have a totem at their tribe location. I know it sounds like an auction house system but I really think it would work.
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07-07-2019 12:52 PM
Xsyon Citizen
Problem is that each totem is an individual item, you would have to drag the stuff you want to sell on it across half the map to place it on any at Founders.

Lot of work hauling stuff across the map on Peace, pretty much suicide on War.

So your idea will end up just like all of the other "trade centers" we have had, empty and unused trade totems that eventually get deleted and never replaced.

Jordi has far too much on his plate atm, so a redesign of the trade system probably isn't even on the horizon, but what I would like to see is each tribe has it's own trade system, that way it doesn't matter how many totems I place, anything I place for sale on one shows up on all of the totems from my tribe, and can be bought and collected from any of them.

With a system like that then a Trade Center at Founders would work, who knows it might even kick start trading in this game again.

07-07-2019 11:15 PM
Xsyon Citizen
The search for the trade totems has a big advantage. I found places and items that way which I would never have detected otherwise.

As far as I know it is planned already that the trade totem does not show the meters and direction but will give the zone number, x and z coordinates instead. Until then, whenever I pass a tribe, I add the zone, x and z into an excel file, so I can find the trade totems quickly.