Building Rentals
issueid=2780 03-08-2021 10:22 PM
Building Rentals
Allow tribe leaders to set specific buildings as rentable by other none tribe members

This has a lot of applications including giving the tribe income and helping folks have safe or covenant storage locations around the map. Can limit the number of locations folks can have as active rentals and limit the number of buildings to 1 per tribe. Can limit the number of available rentals in a tribe based on tribe size. Mark the rented building as owned by the renter with all security perks in place but would expire it rent not paid. Rental buildings would have to be checked by the tribe during placement to make sure entrance never blocked and or add players who rent to the tribes basic access list automatically. Players would have to physically travel to their rental buildings to pay the continual upkeep (rent). Players should receive a warning message when a rental time was about to expire. Perhaps have a rental management panel for player to look at, as a tracker for locations, time remaining, rent due, etc.
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05-06-2021 07:12 PM
A 'real estate' system allowing players to rent buildings is actually coded but switched off. We started testing it and there were too many complications such as what happens when a tribe is abandoned but buildings in that tribe are rented and once buildings are rented they wouldn't be able to be removed by the tribe members (or if they could be removed, where would stored items go?).

Anyways, I may revisit this along with it's complications in the future but it's way down on my todo list for now.