item and crafting weight balances
issueid=2671 03-27-2020 01:43 PM
item and crafting weight balances

I notice that theres a fair amount of things that as you craft them they somehow get heavier despite no new materials being added to your inv.

I could understand things getting lighter as material is lost in the crafting process, but currently it seems to increase in weight.

For example most of the "grinding" bones, hooks, pegs, sockets ect gain weight as you craft them, when in theory with socket at least your cutting and drilling out half or more of the weight so it seems odd, maybe even boarderline bug, that they would gain weight.

Another thing would be cloth to rope they seem to be gaining weight as well despite using the same material repeatedly, nothing gets added so where is this new weight coming from? It feels odd.
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05-16-2020 10:26 PM
Yes, weights all need to be revised at some point. Originally the weights were more realistic, which is what I wanted for the game. The weights of a lot materials were reduced (to unrealistic levels) due to player complaints. Weights of end products weren't adjusted however.

I could adjust all weights to be unrealistic low numbers or I could set them back to numbers that make realistic sense and just set up players to carry unrealistic amounts.

What seemed to be the least popular option in the past is to have realistic weights and realistic carrying capacities, but that's how games are. lol

05-17-2020 03:01 PM
Xsyon Citizen
Well since theres no legitimate way to carry heavy weight around (carts dont really help) than I would say that balancing the weight to match its pre-crafted weight would be better than increasing weight.

I mean I have a decent amount of str and even I can't hold alot of weight, I don't think making things harder is the solution here, the goal should be to make the game more user friendly so people feel better about playing instead of feeling like every aspect is unreasonably hard or grindy.

I mean look at this another way, more weight means less you can craft without going overweight.

Lets look at it another way, if people are complaining about weight, why would increasing weight be a good thing or something people want? It won't be.

I get that carrying 50 bricks may seem unrealistic but you gotta keep in mind that this is supposed to be a fun game, not a realistic simulator, so I feel you should prioritize what is fun or what gets the player back into playing the fun parts quicker, over realism.