Other People's locked bags in your tribe space
issueid=2858 01-23-2022 09:16 PM
Other People's locked bags in your tribe space
Need to have equipment/bags/etc. not be able to be dropped in your tribe location without ability to move it by the owning player/tribe

When my toon logged in noted a bag in the middle of my tribe area...locked and not able to be opened....was able to put the bag on my back and then transfer it to a wagon hoping to dump it out of our village but once in the cart it is now locked in place without the ability to do anything to it.

Can you folks fix this please.....should either not have ever been able to drop crap into our village to begin with that we could not move/delete/etc. or should allow us to move/transfer it and dump it if we still are not able to open/destroy it.
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01-25-2022 01:54 AM
sounds to me like that bag belong to one of your tribe member

01-25-2022 10:47 AM
Please open a help ticket and a Guide will look into that and get rid of that bin for you.

In general, the tribe leader should be able to get rid of any unwanted bins dropped in your tribe area. I'll look into any desired permission revisions later as it's always a complicated thing to work on.


01-29-2022 01:58 AM
Greetings, Chantelle is not available to answer back for a bit but as I was there as well I can answer for her - It was not a member but we managed to get it fixed by having the member who owned the cart be able to move the bag and drop it to delete it afterwards. The permissions are annoying at times as well as the locks when it comes to on tribe off tribe, etc. Biggest issues I see is the non-ability to move something from one cart to another because you may not be the owner but are a tribe member which is counter productive since you are part of the same tribe.

02-01-2022 08:25 PM
Well, permissions can get a bit complicated, I admit. They should be flexible enough with the right permissions set.

They were set up the way they are to provide a balance between pragmatic use and security. Especially in the past, a lot of players were in large tribes with other members that they might not necessarily know or trust. This is why in the general the Tribe leader has permissions to access everything in case something is abandoned or in the way while other Tribe members can feel secure that random members will not be moving their goods around.

Anyways, I will be working on a round of suggested improvements from players soon and am open to reviewing permissions again to address and specific problematic situations.

For now, I'll mark this as resolved.