Basic Quality of Life improvements
issueid=2637 04-06-2019 10:37 AM
Basic Quality of Life improvements

Quick Transfer of Items
A game that requires lots of micromanagement between containers should have a quick way to transfer items. Shift+LeftClick is used in many games, I know thatīs in use already but any combo would be better than what we have right now, maybe Alt+LeftClick. As it stands, very tedious.

Orders add up
When gathering granite for instance, I could be able to click multiple times and orders will be executed or cancelled if a ressource runs out. With Shift+RightClick I could add 10 orders at a time, with Ctrl+RightClick 100. Iīm helping myself with an AHK script right now that clicks every ~10 seconds.

Add crafting ingredients automatically
If I have all required ingredients and tools for a recipe in my inventory they could be added automatically. Having to click every item individually gets old very quickly.
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04-08-2019 11:53 AM
Good suggestions. I agree some of this needs improvements.

Regarding shift + left click (or ctrl / alt + left click) for transferring items could you give me an example of a few games that have this implemented? It's easier for me to implement changes like this if I have an example to follow.

I do want to revise all gathering motions to make them less tedious. I will be looking at other games as examples for this as well.

Regarding crafting - I've started working on an improved interface which will be part of an upcoming patch. This one is tricky as the outcome of the craft depends on the specific materials used. What I have started to set up would choose a default set of materials with a selection of potential materials showing for each slot, instead of having to select the materials from your packs.


04-08-2019 02:17 PM
Xsyon Citizen
A few games that have this are Minecraft, Shift+Click auto puts things into chests, Starbound also has the same system for containers, 7 Days to Die does this for containers and armor, to name a few. Minecraft is probably the most well known for this system.

04-15-2019 10:52 AM
I will check those out. (I've never actually played Minecraft believe it or not).