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World Population,New updates,Optional PVP,More reward for your risk and time.

Hello i have been lurking in the shadow's for quite some time now and have been logging in from time to time to play but one thing that always seems to bother me a little its not game breaking but it is game changing.The Server's Population's it's one of the more so to say things that bother's most new-comer's to a "Title" such as "Xsyon" and it even bother's some or most of all the player's i know a tight knit helpful welcoming community is nice and all but it still gets a little old in term's to when experiencing some new interaction's amongst us fellow "Xsyon" Player's.For one instance when a new-comer comes about and discover's "Xsyon" for the very first time and they purchase it in hope to find a well populated world with passive and aggressive people in it exploring the world building upon a tribe of your very own yet to be left out explore and expand upon the land of "Xsyon" and your left alone with no NPC's to interact with in this Huge vast world with little to no one to experience it with except yourself and maybe a few other's and very few animals/monsters.

Your Left deciding which world you want to create your character and this character is binded to this (server/world) Peace/Pve and or the PvP Server not both..Quick fix don't bind our characters to the server let us choose freely which servers we want to play on. Possibly make the PVP Server account's created sort of like "FREE Trial Account's" except they get the full PVP Server game experience "NOT THE FULL GAME" except without certain full game purchaser's perk's for instance faster crafting times,more outfit's and or hairstyle's,Head designs custom name tag's tied towards our in-game username for our character to use on item's crafted or created in game would be a good way for crafters to advertise their craft's and stake a name for themselve's in the world of "Xsyon".Limited to 1 character per account but granted access to 3 character slots upon purchase of the full game "Xsyon".This game is truly amazing but is limited to the following fact's stated here and elsewhere.

This is where the SERVER-CHARACTER-MERGE comes into play. Limit 1 account/character per "Free Trial PvP Server Account".Upon purchasing the full game you are granted full-game access to "Xsyon" and both servers Peace/Pve and or free to play PvP but with full perks in the PVP Server.With the little tight knit community we have we can double our chances of populating/interacting with more people and increasing our chances of building upon the population of "Xsyon". With our tight knit welcoming community and with the help of the Developer's."WE" Could achieve a well populated sustainable world in and for "Xsyon" and us fellow player's.

And this suggestion is not more so around free to play but a character server merge I didn't realize there was another post retaining to my first idea's and suggestions here.
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04-02-2020 02:02 PM
Xsyon Citizen
I agree that having the community split in two is making it less of a tight nit community and is spreading an already thin population even more thin.

But you got to keep something in mind; people who play pve don't want to play the game; they just want a safe server to build vanity projects on where they can afk outside their tribe boarders without worrying about dying. In fact, they dislike being killed so much they complain about animals attacking them being a bad thing they want "dealt with"

How can you unite these people with a pvp minded server?

I'm sorry but at this point its too late, they are too spoiled and too used to getting what they want, they would never agree to giving up what they have in pve in order to rejoin a united pvp server.

I DO agree tho that having to make the Choice between servers is not a good thing... a solution could be possibly be making it so that your pve and pvp character are the same and stat gained on one transfers over to the other? This would mean you would have the same playable character regardless of the server your on, only items and tribe would be different...... I say this but I can see it being heavily abused by pvp people farming their stats on pve server.... so I'm not sure how there is a expolit free way to solve this.

I again DO agree with you that having no population on a game where "players are supposed to make the experience cuz theres no NPC's" ruins the experience, theres no quests, theres no players to interact with instead of NPC's, it ruins the entire concept of having players replace NPC's when there are no players.

My solution to this?

Bring f2p back but ONLY for pvp. I say only pvp cuz pve could not handle this, while pvp would appreciate the extra life injected into the server. f2p or paid doesn't matter to players when they have someone to play with, to trade and interact with.. someone who makes it seem like the server isn't dead and your not the only person playing the entire server.... I would heavily welcome f2p players on pvp since it would add much needed life to the server, since its unfun to play a game when your the only person playing it as you have pointed out.

The server merge will never happen cuz pve guys don't want pvp features.... and pvp people don't see the point in grinding stats on a pve server they can't actually use those stats verse anything in pvp, theres no need to grind 300+ hps if you never need those hps in pvp combat.

So while I agree with you that the server split was a huge mistake, it "is" what a small handful of pve people wanted and taking it away from them now would not work. At this point I think its a good thing to have a server that people can go play on if they don't want to play the whole game and instead just wana focus on vanity building, its better for them to only play half the game than quit all together.. where as if those vanity pve players who dont wana play anything but building where forced to merge with pvp, you would most likely see people freaking out to guides if anything happens to them and since thats a problem to jordi it wouldn't work since they are unable to tell players "thats how the game was designed" and isntead trys to "make the player happy" by using guide powers to solve their problems or interfere with player interactions... to say this another way, jordi doesn't have enough staff/guides to deal with all the complains from pve players if they merged servers.

However again I agree with you the pvp server is dead aside of maybe 4 active players that don't play at the same time often, so it seems even more dead... But forcing pve players to play with them is not a solution at this point.. However you are right, we do need more population in order to have a server with life, a server thats fun, a server worth playing... without that population, the pvp is boarderline not worth playing... thats why I've been suggseting to add f2p to pvp, this would add extra combat minded players and inject extra life, extra drama to the server that pvp really needs but pve would not want at all cuz it would cause "problems and more work for guides as they are forced to interfere between player interactions since thats what is expected on the peace/pve server" where on pvp guides could just ignore player interactions and let them sort things out themselves instead of getting inbetween every player interaction like on pve, they could just let things take its course on pvp, this means it wouldnt be causing problems they would need more staff/guides to deal with and it could honestly work to give more population to the server that needs it (pvp not pve) without flooding pve with players they dont want like f2p/pvp players.

04-02-2020 02:09 PM
Xsyon Citizen
From my point of view, it matters more to have more players to play with than selling more copies of a dead game that people may never play again or may refund after a few hours.

People who are f2p have more time to invest into games and after they play long enough they are gona want to buy the game.

This would give the extra population to the pvp server that I don't see pvp gaining with the current course of action.

If f2p players get sick of dying in pvp or being attacked or whatever problems pve player say about the pvp server than they can just buy an account and that would unlock pve for them so they can play on pve.. so if pve is "truely the best server" than you would see lots of people buy the game and move to pve to get away from pvp if pve is truely the better server somehow by removing half the game.

I honestly think you would see alot more players stick it out on pvp and more players playing on pvp with this.. I also think more people would buy and STAY with the game, cuz that matters more to me that someone buys the game and continues to play than buys the game and than moves on with their life, never plays again or refunds it.. you need to get people hooked before asking them to buy imo.

04-02-2020 02:16 PM
Xsyon Citizen
I do agree with you tho that the server split was prob the worst thing to happen to this game for anyone combat minded, it pushed all combat or pvp players out of the game in favor of listening to players who wanted a purely vanity peace server...

It removed the synergy between players, where the weak in combat crafter with lv100 skills is able to trade with combat minded players who will need their crafts, be it weapons or armor or pieces required to make them, tools even or carts, this synergy between combat players and craftesr has been removed when they are split between two servers.

Currently you need over 100 in each stat primary and 2ndary to get high end crafts ontop of 100 skill, this means that most players are specialized and need other players to trade with in order to complete things over 90 quality, so again this synergy has been removed.

By removing this synergy its turned everybody into hermits that need alt accounts to cover the different tasks required, splitting the whole game up between multiple alts instead of multiple players playing the game.

05-16-2020 10:48 PM
If I understand correctly, the suggestion is that players would have one character that works on both servers instead of one character per server. Is that correct?

If so, the game is not set up at all for that to happen. It would also create a problem for players that have been developing different characters on each server.

What truly needs to be done to attract more players is for me to wrap up the major patches that I've been working on for the past two years, release them as a series of updates that I can announce and send out press releases for. That's what I'll be doing!