Teas and Juices
issueid=2640 04-17-2019 05:28 PM
Teas and Juices
Another way to add fun to water.

Water seems to be all we drink in Xsyon. I'm sure we all want some flavor to our drinks. So how about we make some teas and juices?

Making tea could be simple and also create another use to cooking. All we would need is a pot, perhaps crafted out of Toolcraft. They can be made out of Stone/Clay for Foragers, and Metal for Scrappers, Pioneers, and Trappers. I couldn't quite think of something else for the last two.

Then with the pots, we go to the Fire Pits and we'll need either a bucket or waterskin full of water, and the pot. Then to make the tea we simply need a plant! Or several plants with higher tier cooking skills! We can have the primary plant ingredients, secondary, and third instead of seasoning, it's garnish! Perfect for adding that last hint of flavoring to your teas. Perhaps they can have buffs that are comparatively smaller to foods, like 1/5 their power. They can be seen as first gen potions. :3

Juices can be made with certain farmed plants, like Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, etc. Except this time it is made with a bucket and a blunt object, like a club or mortar and pestle. The juice can the same have primary, secondary, and garnish ingredients added to it. The juices will be a lot heartier and thicker than teas, and they can potentially have water added to them to give them more water filling. Pure juices can also restore some food a bit. Their buffs could also be smaller, but maybe 2/5 that of food compared to teas.

They can be held in water skins or perhaps bottles made from the various classes, like grass, plastic, leather, or bone bottles.
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04-18-2019 01:03 AM
Instead of using pots, we could use the waterskins. We just have to make them heatproof, e.g. with aluminum plates attached to it for cooking??

04-18-2019 09:46 AM
Xsyon Citizen
I think this would be an awesome improvment to the game! Different types of Coniffer-Leaf Teas were used by Native American tribes for millennia! Willow bark was often cut into strips and made into a tea/ticutre. Its natural properties within the willow sap/bark would later be used to synthesise Asperin!

04-19-2019 09:14 AM
Xsyon Citizen
voted yes.

I can think of a trapper pot - Skulls !

Do you want a nice hot beverage out of this Bear skull :)

04-29-2019 01:12 AM
Sounds good. Thanks!