wrong planting makes toon unable to interract with any object in game
issueid=2808 06-25-2021 08:45 AM
wrong planting makes toon unable to interract with any object in game

Want to plant some seeds and on the edge of one plowed tile, got message: " you can plant just on plowed tile". Happened on my toon Leeloo . Now can not interract with any objest in game, rclick action and top both not working. Can't play game atm because cant get any action except ones with keybinds. can't open any container because there is no action menu
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06-25-2021 08:57 AM
Xsyon Citizen
was trying to do something and scavenging with icons . when i discarded useless item from inventory action menu came back. So it's workaround probably if nothing else.

06-25-2021 11:24 AM
I can reproduce this but it will take a bit to correct. I'll update this when I have a fix on the Test Server.


06-29-2021 10:29 PM
I've patched a fix for this.


07-13-2022 08:15 AM
Xsyon Citizen
this has just happened to me.

I planted crops, that was fine, I watered them, that was also fine.
Then in the middle of fertilising them I lost the action menu, litterly from 1 fert action to the next, the action menu disappeared.

I thought the server had gone down, so i logged out and saw the server was up on the launcher, so tried again. no change

I logged in and out a few times, no difference.

I deleted most of the files in the Data Folder, no difference.

Then i found this post and the OP's suggestion about scavving bringing back the action menu.
it worked, though I was foraging plants using the icons and then deleted them.
that brought the action menu back

So sorry whatever Fix you applied hasnt caught it.

07-13-2022 04:29 PM
Xsyon Citizen
This has happened to me before, but with the crafting panel. I wasn't farming anything at the time. A current fix that worked for me was to trade with someone else and accept the trade. It made menu interactions and bin interactions work fully again. Try this out, not sure if it will work for everyone, it only happened to me once.