"Material Missing" bug - Skill interruptions
issueid=2313 11-29-2015 07:22 PM
"Material Missing" bug - Skill interruptions
Most annoying bug ever?

Affects all crafting skills that work off a skill window, equally.

Woodcrafring, basketry, etc etc.

Here's what happens:
- Open crafting window
- Put in all tools/materials (use one of the materials from the log slot - logs, grass, whatever - seems to happen more often this way)
- Select quantity needed
- push "Craft" and watch your material count in your crafting window (for this example, we will be using 4 grass to make grass threads)

now, with each successful thread creation, the count of grass in the window goes down 1.
until BOOM bug happens and it unselects the grass completely and changes it to 0, giving you the error message that looks like this:

Basketry (thread):
Materials are missing to craft this item- ID: 0 SchemeID: 12 MatID: 10 Slot: 0

Woodcrafting(long wood stud):
Materials are missing to craft this item- ID: 0 SchemeID: 1079 MatID:208 Slot: 0

across the screen, and you have to re-select your material and start over hoping that it won't interrupt you again.

This bug occurs more often when there's other players nearby
One of my tribesmen reported this bug in the past and was told that it does not exist

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11-30-2015 05:24 PM
This is a duplicate of an earlier issue posted here

I will continue the conversation on the previous report and hopefully get this one solved this week.