Beacons, Bonfires and Barrels!
issueid=2854 10-06-2021 11:39 AM
Beacons, Bonfires and Barrels!
A Creative Update for Fire Building

Hello, Fellow Tribals!

I was talking to some friendly faces on PVE and began to mull over an idea involving Fire Building. I began to really think deeply about new types of Fires, what they could aesthetically look like, and how they could function in-game.

First off, I am aware that there are probably planned features for Fire Building in the long term. I even have heard about other Fire Building Schemes being unlocked with high enough Fire Building levels. However, I have yet to undergo and test this for myself.

My first idea involved Beacons, large collections of Long logs piled together with a ring of stones around its base. Similar to how naming Legendary animals is now broadcasted/alerted in Global chat. It would be interesting to see if these Beacons could also be 'Broadcasted' with a chat message in local chat. Something like "Diomedes has lit a Beacon in Zone 973, X... Y..." along with the corresponding cords. I believe keeping these broadcasts within local Zone chat is more favorable as not to spam Global more than necessary.

Now, what would this accomplish you might ask? I think this feature could be used in great effect for races and similar competitions. There could also even be a timer added along with a new Quest type that could be accepted by players. The player accepting the Quest would then need to extinguish the lit Beacon or light a new one in order to finish the Quest. Players could potentially gain large amounts of Fire Making Skillpoints lighting these Beacons, but to keep it balanced I believe players would only gain the Skillpoints from lighting 'other' players Beacons. If that could be controlled. All in all, this could be a much more exciting way to level Fire Building along with gaining some small rewards rather than just passively grinding the skill.

The second type of Fire that I've thought of would be something similar to a Bonfire, a Medium-sized fire, larger than our current default campfires but smaller than a Beacon. Bonfires could be built Mid-way through leveling the skill, and similar to that of Beacons would have its own unique aesthetic look. Bonfires would burn wood at a much higher rate than normal and would extinguish at a much faster rate as well. However, they would have a higher cap of placable firewood. Somewhere in the tens or hundreds. The idea being that players could band around a Bonfire together and gain very small, but passive Fire Building Skillpoints. A more social way to train the skill.

The third new type of Fire that I have thought of is purely aesthetic in nature. That being a Fire Barrel. Countless Post Apocalyptic games and movies have these, they are sort of a staple of the genre now. I think this could, like water barrels, just be another Scheme type unlocked or scavenged for by players. They could have different lighting and duration properties.

That's all I have, for now. These are very roughly outlined ideas but I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks! Thanks for your time.

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10-06-2021 11:40 AM
Xsyon Citizen

10-06-2021 11:41 AM
Xsyon Citizen
Something like this if it can be conceptualized ^

11-23-2021 07:15 AM
Xsyon Citizen
All great ideas, though i know Jordi is limited in that only the last 3 fires you light actually gives light.

As for the myth of extra recipes at level 100, there are none.

I have leveled Firebuild to 100 and take it from me, there are no extra recipes, whoever told there were is misinformed.


11-23-2021 12:10 PM
Xsyon Citizen
Thanks! I really tried to illustrate this as clearly as possible.

Thanks for putting those rumors to rest for me! I had heard about the potential other recipes ages ago back in 2013 ish from some Vets. Just all hearsay as you said.

I have some 3D models recently acquired from a friend that I'd be willing to attach with this suggestion if the time comes. One for a Beacon, the other for the Firebarrel. They are just needing proper Xsyon-like textures so it fits in with the game's art style!