Ability to move the permissions/lock panel
issueid=2904 04-24-2024 06:50 PM
Ability to move the permissions/lock panel

Would love the ability to move the permissions/lock panel. Currently, if you change the size of your UI, that panel can end up in some odd places, including off the screen. And with no ability to grab it to move, it becomes unusable. The only fix is to reset your UI back to 100% and restart fully. Sometimes it's taken a second restart to get it back in the center.
Not sure why we don't have the ability to move it already, I'm guessing maybe it was simply overlooked and not given a handle. Either way, the ability to move it is necessary if we have the ability to change our UI sizes. With the resolutions screens today have, until we have the chance to just increase text size, increasing the UI is almost necessary to be able to read some things.

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