Super Revs
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Super Revs
very fast and agressive revs plus other unusual behavior.

Over the last week or so I've encountered the following unrevlike behaviors on the peace server.

1 excessively aggressive
2 extremely fast when running
3 able to hit you three or more times in the blink of an eye
4 continuing to chase a long way outside their tribal boundary.
5 Stealth hitting/hitting from a longer range

I've experienced all 5 very recently but it is not consistent.

1 when this happens they seem to come from a long way away directly for me

2 it's like they have a sprint mode and not only when chasing but also when just running around

3 it used to be swing run a few steps swing again now you can get swing swing swing without a break

4 I have seen this once in 981 on peace. Rev chased from the western tip of the peninsula there all the way east across the peninsula then follwed into the water and onto the next piece of land where it finally gave up. Tribe was deserted and only a one person tribe.

5 Sometimes when I've miss-timed my step back in I've taken three hits but only one animation. Then when backing up I take a hit without any animation. Often I know I'm out of range (or should be) as I've just been missed by the rev and nothing has changed except now I've been hit.
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