TEST Server Stats
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TEST Server Stats
Stat Loss

I just logged into the test server and noticed that you added a second decimal place to STATS

This is most welcome, finally

But While on Live my White Fort is 125.0
on Test my White Fort is 124.97

Why the loss ?

On a side note, ive been on test a few times and Ive Never been able to ride mounts.

It turns out that because I have most of the status bars moved around the screen from their default positions
this is interfering with the new code.

Right now left clicking on the new horse head icon or left clicking on the animal bar that would normally appear in the top middle of the screen only Deselects the animal.

I have the animal bar moved into the bottom of the screen above the ability bar

Right now this is just an observation cos I know you are still working on the updates etc , its just a heads up for you :)
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