Loot Chests/Bins
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Loot Chests/Bins
No, nothing like the micro transaction versions, promise.

More ideas from my whimsical mind. This one is fairly simple. In some areas of Xsyon, sometimes you’ll see some bins left around here or there. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some phat loot, such as a good weapon or high quality materials someone just left behind in the open. So it gave me an the idea.

Loot chests/bins!

How would these work you ask? They would be crafted by us players, naturally, and could be carried on our back like a normal pack. What makes them so special? They can only hold 1-3 items, depending on the type you create, Small, Medium, and Large. You would then take them to anywhere you want your lucky adventurer to find your lucky loot, and place it. Once it’s placed, it can only be picked up again by you, but can be opened by anyone.

After long exploration, someone finds your chest. What might it hold? Money? Armor? Perhaps a schematic they’re looking for. Doesn’t matter, because once they take their hard searched for reward, the chest/bin magically disappears, so you no longer have to worry about it being in the world and looking ugly, or even still being there just for somebody to open it and reveal an empty chest.

My jokes and fanfare aside, to make it easier to understand, my idea is to create a placeable chest/bin with low storage that disappears once all items are taken from it. The idea is to just encourage people to leave around things for fun for other people to find through exploring, like say you crafted a weapon you deem legendary, and want it found by only the hardest-core of explorers. Just a fun little idea to be neat for exploring as well as decluttering the world without extra effort.

Tell me what you think!
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