Hang Gliders
issueid=2886 10-19-2022 08:10 AM
Hang Gliders
making and using hanggliders

I think being able to make and use hang gliders would be cool. Would need a high level in woodcraft and at least level 50 in tailoring to make the parts for the hang glider. Would have to carry the hangglider on your back or in a cart to transport. Would need to launch from at least off of a 40 meter height. Hang gliders should only glide downward,, but you would be able to control the direction of glide, and they should desend at a constant rate, and how far you could glide would be determined from how high you launched off.
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11-01-2023 09:14 PM
Xsyon Citizen
in principle a great idea but not for this game where you have tribe lands and walls and fences to keep people out of your tribe.

a hang glider would just fly over the top of any fence meant to keep people out.

Could be used to grief ppl in thier own tribes.