Free to play or limited time trial
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Free to play or limited time trial

Okay so heres my first reactions to this game having gone through these forums, watched youtube videos and had a friend of mine try to convince me to play with him:

The good:
~ Haven & Hearth but with better graphics and more interesting theme
~ Good concept
~ Rare game survival style, not alot of games like this out there aside of moral online, wurm, this and Haven & Hearth.
~ Big potential everybody can see
~ Has multiple servers, more choices

The bad:
~7 years greenlight without full release, slow updates and unaddressed issues.
~ Legendary for having dead servers as long ago as 2017/2018/2019 on youtube videos
~ Only game of this style locked behind a pay wall
~ Unachieved potential everybody can see
~ Has multiple servers, people more spread out, things seem more baron

In my opinion the two biggest issues I can see here is the fact nobody can play the game or try it out before paying for it and $32 for this is quite expensive h&h is less than half that at $15.

My suggestion here is clear; add some sort of free to play option so people can try the game. Even if you left the price at $32 (that we can all agree is too high in todays day n age for a game like this) people would be making the choice to pay for it cuz they actually like the game.

Theres multiple ways you could do this:

~ The h&h way where free to play is the base standard model and if you pay a one time fee cuz you like the game than you get increased exp growth from actions and a couple other bonus's. You can additionally subscribe if you want even more things, this would let people make the CHOICE of how much they want to support this game, by supporting it they get more benefits. This honestly is the best way in my opinion.

~ Opposite of the h&h way, where after the one time fee is the base standard model and f2p has its exp gain slown down and increase the amount of time it takes them to do actions such as crafting. You could again add a subscription mode to this that would give faster exp gain and decreased amount of time to do actions such as crafting, but not others such as running or combat that would turn it into a pay feature to win instead of a bonus buff to increase grind time.

These are the best two options. However I've been told you guys used to have a f2p option with a level 30 cap, no tribes and a bunch of other restrictions, even that is a better idea than having zero f2p option while also trying to charge $32 for a game put on steam 7 years ago and hasn't made it out of the greenlight since.

Like from a "customer" point of view its extremely hard to justify paying $32 for a game that everybody is wondering if its gona shutdown this year or not, before even trying it, when everything I see and hear says the same thing, a f2p option would give you guys the chance to prove otherwise to the mountain of opinions online that says not to bother with this game.
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03-23-2020 12:01 AM
Xsyon does go on sale often - like right now for less than 10 bucks. ;)

We did have free to play with limitations for a while and it was counterproductive. It wasn't good for new players because they couldn't experience the most popular part of the game, building your own tribe. It wasn't good for current players because it attracted griefers.

Successful free to play games rely on much bigger audiences that Xsyon has been able to attract with my limited resources.

Thanks though. All suggestions are appreciated.