Fix hunting animation on water
issueid=2664 02-25-2020 07:54 PM
Fix hunting animation on water

Hunting a animal on water looks like a glitch, buggy and reminds you: this is a simulation that isn't working properly.


drag option ~ drag your kill to the shore. You could do this many ways, from automatic, to a skill, to needing rope to tie around the animal to drag it while increasing your weight. Lots of options.

This drag option could be universal too, say you kill something yet can't harvest it right away, would be nice to be able to pull it somewhere safe you could harvest it, instead of watching it disappear cuz you can't harvest it quick enough with hostile animals around.

I think extending the time before a animal disappears would be extremely useful too, maybe double the time.
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03-23-2020 12:30 AM
This probably fits better under Bug Reports but I'll look into what can be done here. (The dragging suggestion sounds cool but it would be complicated fix for a minor issue).

03-27-2020 02:17 AM
Xsyon Citizen
Well there are multiple slots in the inv or pack menu that are open and "sack" looking, you could alternatively make it so you can "equip" a animal into one of these slots and than "drop" it on the ground somewhere OR have it so you can now hunt/harvest the creature matterials from this equiped pack slot instead of needing to throw it back on the ground you could just harvest it from the pack slot.

Like the icon under whatever you use for a backpack on your pack menu. The same icon to the right of your backpack in the inv menu? (why are these two cluster of menus not the same order/location?)

Another option is the slick pack looking icon on the pack menus bottom right hand corner, or the inv menus top right hand corner (again why are these different?)