Quality of life update
issueid=2670 03-17-2020 12:13 AM
Quality of life update

There needs to be a update on storage and inv, how it interacts with each other.

Example of a quality of life update:
You cannot drag and drop a item from your backpack into the icon of a bin that is for example inside of a building or cart.

We've had this feature since before windows 95 on computers so this sticks out as missing pretty badly.

This feels extremely outdated.... A quality of life update would mean that instead of having to open a bin to put the item in it, you could just hover the item over the bin icon and it would put it into the first open slot in the bin without having to actually open it, this saves time, player interaction time and makes the game seem more fun/more responsive cuz your playing the game more and dealing with opening multiple windows less.

You could have a "setting" on each bin you can change between auto-stacking and never stacking the items you drop into the bin. That would be a huge quality of life update that would reduce the amount of time people are doing something unfun and puts them back into doing fun things.

This is my wifes biggest issue, theres so many windows to have open between everything it can be rather overwhelming and time consuming, reducing the consumption of time for actions such as transporting items from backpack to bin would make things more simple, less overwhelming and give the player more time to actually play.

Another Example of a different kind of quality of life update:
You can click on a tool or a material to auto-load a craft skill while using it.

Yet you can't move anything from your backpack to a storage bin by clicking?

A great quality of life update would be something like holding shift and clicking on a item moves it between the selected bin and the previously selected bin. This would help remove the randomness of having multiple bins open cuz it would only transfer between the currently selected bin and the previously selected bin.

This again would help speed up item transfer rates and put players back into playing the actual game sooner instead of playing a item organization and bin opening simulator, they could go back to playing xsyon.

These two issues "really" bug my wife cuz shes spending more time opening bins and moving items than playing the game, hard to convince someone to scav with you when they gotta organize a bin of multiple different things after and thus gotta open up tons of bins & manually move every item in order to even put them away.. scav is fun "what if I get something" but currently the amount of work putting them away is more than actually collecting the scav.
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03-23-2020 01:18 AM
I'll look into these.

I've worked on some similar improvements for an upcoming patch that focuses on interface revisions. Crafts, for example, will be in one crafting menu instead of activated by individual icons and you should be able to choose from tools and materials that fit each recipe instead of sorting through all your items.


03-27-2020 02:10 AM
Xsyon Citizen
That sounds great :)

For sure less sorting through items and inv and opening windows means more time playing the game, stoked to see that improvement where it can just take the items from my inv... However I wonder how that will work if I say am grinding bone pegs and I have 4 different kinds of bone pegs in my inv, how will it choose what one? the first slot in my inv? And if I have it set to 20x would it than do 16x from the first stack and 4x from the other?